THE AFRONAUTS is a rising star afrobeat band in Poland! The group consists of six musicians from
different parts of the world who win the hearts of listeners from the first sound. The band landed in
Krakow in January 2019, stunning the audience with a powerful dose of energy. Their music is
strongly inspired by afrobeat and Moroccan heritage that simply calls for dancing.

Their upcoming album „Space Griots” consists of original compositions which aim to capture the
spirit of a live performance. Like African griots, they make it their duty to engage the listeners and
raise awareness about the danger that our planet is facing.

The musicians of The Afronauts are:

Hicham Bajjou (Morocco) – vocals, ney flute, keys
Alex Clov (USA) – baritone sax
Anika Kaminska (PL) – percussions
Ethan Smith (South Africa) – sax alt
Grzegorz Kosowski (PL) – guitar
Kacper Matuszewski (PL) – drums
Mateusz Mazurkiewicz (PL) – bass guitar

Around the Rhythm Festival 2023
African beats Festival 2023
African Beats Festival 2022
African Beats Festival 2021
Wianki w Krakowie 2021
Gadafest 2021
Witariada Festival 2021
Letni Ogrod Kultury 2021
Artsfera – National Museum of Krakow 2021
Wibracje Festival 2020
Afrykamera Festival 2020
Wianki w Krakowie 2019
BILETY: 45 zł w przedsprzedaży / 60 zł w dniu koncertu

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