Light Star Guiding

Ray Dickaty – Tenor Saxophone
Mikołaj Poncyljusz – Guitar
Staszek Czyżewski – Double Bass
Dominik Mokrzewski – Drums

Bilety: 20 PLN, 25 PLN w dniu koncertu


Electric – Future – Trance – Journey – Cosmos – Contemporary – Jazz – Meditation – Light – Tribal – Minimalism – Riff – Wave – Spirit – Space – Melody – Groove – Freedom – Harmony Star – Rock – Folk – Modal – Guitar – Improvisation – Suspend Time – Group – Composition – Guiding – Double Bass – Vision – Past – Present – Altered States – Saxophones – Drums – Wild Sound – Riff – Self Expression –

O muzyce:
I conceived this idea, which had been formulating for a considerable amount of time, as an opposition to all the acoustic projects I am currently often based in, and also as a return to my roots – when I started playing, my first group was a very electric, post punk noise-jazz kind of sounding outfit, and I wanted to return some way to this idea but with many more years of experience to draw upon.
Composition and Improvisation are parallel in this group and they should both feed each into each other.
The use of sustained rhythm as opposed to “jazz” drum patterns, with Bass forms backbone that everything else can hang on.
Repetition and trance are as important as melody and harmony as are the use of extreme techniques from both electric guitar and saxophone, but, we never forget about the beauty of music and the ability of great music to transport both band and listeners, this is our primary goal hence our name “Light Star Guiding”.

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